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The outer shell of THE BOX made out of EPP, a material that can be 100% recycled infinitely. The other components of THE BOX can also be recycled and we take particular care to make sure this happens. We intend to recondition THE BOX after a 1,000 cycles again and again because we think reusing is even more clever than recycling. If a unit of THE BOX is damaged, we take them into one of our maintenance centers to repair them.

The great thing is that the life of THE BOX does not end after 1,000 uses. Because THE BOX is permanently monitored, every component can be reconditioned at any time, so that THE BOX can start the next 1,000 journeys. It is especially important to us to maximize the life cycle of THE BOX, because with every use we improve the ecological footprint! When the box has reached the end of its life cycle, e.g. due to severe damage, it is very important to us to completely recycle all components and the body.
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