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How does the circulation work?

We want THE BOX to circulate and be reused a 1,000 times before it needs reconditioning.

We therefore designed many ways for THE BOX to circulate:

If you receive a shipment that you want to return (partially), you just have to push the button on THE BOX to arrange the return to the sender.
If you have an empty unit of THE BOX, you can always use it for your own shipment.
If you have THE BOX at home, you can return it to a nearby partner shop and get a reward for doing so. He will then give it to the next person in need of packaging.
You can always give an empty unit to a neighbor or a friend so he can use it.
You can use THE BOX to send goods to recycling, resale or refurbishment [think: Backmarket and similar platforms].
You can use THE BOX for a donating to one of our NGO's partners.
We are also working with logistics providers to let them collect unused units of THE BOX when they deliver shipments to bring them back into circulation.

Updated on: 07/25/2020

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